What to decorate – Your Enchanted Décor Checklist

Decorating your wedding will be the one thing that will make your wedding feel special to you and your guests. It’s also a way you can show you and your partners personalities.

Perhaps you’re into Star Wars, then why not add a touch of that in there. Or go the whole hog and dress as Darth Vader and Princess Leia. If that’s a bit too out there for you, and you want something a little more subtle then do it. The wedding world is your oyster! What ever it may be, this is your chance to pretty much do what ever you want (in the budget you have set aside of course).

If you’re stuck for inspiration and you really can’t imagine how you would like your big day to look, then have a look at magazines and wedding websites. There’s plenty out there to get ideas. Don’t forget that your wedding decorator can help with this. They will have tones of ideas and wealth of knowledge.

Firstly you may want a check list to make sure you know what to decorate and how much to decorate. Here is an Enchanted Décor Checklist for you to print out and pop in your wedding folder. This will also help you when visiting your florist and your wedding decorator aka Enchanted Wedding of course. Well, who else would you go with!?

Click on this link to print your decor checklist

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