The Wellbeing Farm

Hey, Sarah here from Enchanted Wedding. At Enchanted Wedding we are a little different to other venue stylists and we like to create décor that is a little different to the norm. With is in mind, and knowing there was a venue with the same outlook on weddings as us, I was eager to have a look at this unique venue, which had an alternative and quirky reputation.

With all being well - pun intended! I rocked up to The Wellbeing Farm on a crisp Autumn day during a wedding fair. It was very busy with lots of engaged couples viewing this unique wedding venue.

When I parked up I was taken aback from the 360 degree views. The Wellbeing Farm has a license to wed couples outside. The photographs would be incredible! But don’t worry if the weather isn’t on your side, they can also host the ceremony inside too!

As I exited my car I turned around to face a huge barn. The entrance was filled with plants, flowers and other little ornaments such as bright pink flamingos and a huge life size cow to greet you as you enter. It just made me smile and think of any bride or groom getting married here and the first thing they see on their walk to wedding bliss is a cow looking cheekily at you. – This place just oozes fun!

The Wellbeing Farm is not a grand Georgian county hotel, its not a chic urban venue, it’s a place much more laid back, a place to have loads of laughs, enjoy the company of your friends and family. To giggle, have a bit of silliness and to laugh until you cheeks hurt.

You also do not need to worry that your family and friends are bored. This place has Lamas! Lamas! What wedding venue has Lamas! This one! That’s what! On top of that there are lots of outside games – literally a shed full! And ride on tractors and bikes for the little ones.

So the bottom line – would I choose this as a wedding venue. The bottom line is YES. Weddings are a celebration of a couple and their families coming together. I imagine this venue being somewhere where this would happen quite easily. Where you can mingle with other guests, get to know your new family and break the ice with a silly game or a lama or two.

The Wellbeing Farm

Wheatsheaf Hill Farm, Plantation Rd, Edgworth, Bolton BL7 0BY

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