The Next 5 Steps to Planning a Wedding

Planning the perfect wedding takes time and patience. You have to clear many hurdles on the way and the best way to get through the process is by taking it step-by-step. If you’ve already taken the first five steps to planning your wedding, it is time to move forward with the next five!


So, what do you need to do once you’ve sorted out things like the budget and the venue? Here are the next five steps to planning a wedding.


1. Select a wedding theme


Now that you’ve sorted out the first aspects of your wedding, it is time to start focusing on the details, from the way you’ll dress to whether you’ll add any of your own decorative ideas to the venue.


The best way to make this easier is to decide on a theme for your wedding.


A wedding theme can be anything from a colour (dusty rose and green will be popular in 2018) to a full concept such as vintage or cartoon weddings. When you have a broad or detailed theme picked, the other pieces will fall into place smoothly.


Remember that your theme can simply be “traditional white wedding” too. The objective here is to focus your mind towards everything you want for your wedding.


2. Plan your menu


Next, you’re going to create your wedding menu and pick the drinks. Check with your chosen venue whether they provide catering or if you will need to use a third party caterer or do it yourself. If you’ve chosen a flexible wedding venue they’ll usually be quite relaxed regarding third party caterers and other suppliers, which could open up your choices.


Venues that do catering themselves will usually have different set menus from which to choose from but it’s a good idea to check if you can make your own suggestions.


3. Book your music


With your theme and menu decided it’s time to start thinking about the music. Generally your first choice will be between a wedding DJ and a wedding band. If you have a wedding theme, it might influence your choice of music – a swing or big band would be a good idea for a vintage wedding, for example.


This is also the time to think about your first dance, as you want to start practising it as early as possible. If you want the band to play it, they will also need time to rehearse it. If you are planning to book a wedding band it’s a good idea to be very thorough when speaking to them, particularly if there will be specific songs you want them to play.


Keep your wedding venue in mind here, too. In terms of space, a band’s drum kit alone will take up the same space as a DJ. You don’t want to make it too tight!


4. Pick your wedding entertainment


Wedding entertainment is a great way to further enhance the day. Look at adding entertainment to your wedding reception beyond your band or DJ.


Popular options include things like wedding fireworks to add sparkle to the big day, while magicians and caricature artists are increasingly popular and guaranteed to put a smile on guests’ faces, while mobile photobooths are a cool thing to include, too.


5. Find a photographer


To ensure you can relive your wedding day and surprise your guests with beautiful memories, you also want to book your wedding photographer. You definitely want to ensure you have a professional to capture those most precious moments – the walk down the aisle, the first dance, the cake cutting and the speeches. You will probably also want to take official portraits as a couple and with your closest family members.


The above are the next five steps you must take when planning a wedding. If you approach it with a plan and take one step at a time, you’ll find it far less daunting than it may seem right now and will enjoy a fun rather than stressful lead up to your wedding day.


This article was written in collaboration with Freak Music, one of the UK’s leading providers of wedding entertainment.

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