Life as a Gown Bridal Model

2 missed calls and my friend Kerry was in her car waiting for me to motor down to Gown Bridal for our dress fitting. I quickly rushed out and away we went to pick her daughter Abigail up from her dancing lesson, and then off to Chorley to try on lots of pretty dresses!

Maybe I should start from the beginning. Your probably wondering how a 5ft 4’ average looking lady, average brown hair, avera- you know what? Just plain average 30 year old - would be modelling for bridal catwalk. Well Gown Bridal are no average bridal shop, catering for every woman out there. Including average me! So guess what!? I was perfect! There is nothing average about their dresses though…OMG their dresses…. they are amazing *drools *  Where is this catwalk you may ask? It was at an open evening hosted by Little White Books at the grand and super elegant Samlesbury Hall.

We turned up to a door with a selection of buzzers. Little Abigail reached to press the button labeled ‘Gown Bridal’ and the door clicked open. Walking up the stairs this place had a very exclusive feel. Somewhere only celebrities would visit to buy their dresses away from the snooping public.

We met Sally the bridal shop owner and she took us into the room with all the dresses hung up in rows. What a sight! Tons of amazing, sparkly and beautiful dresses. And I wanted to try THEM ALL ON! Sally the bridal shop owner handed me the first bridesmaid dress. Trying to prize my eyes away from the beautiful white dresses - which sent me into a blissful trance - I slipped it on and it fitted like a dream. I absolutely loved the style.

With the first dress sorted it was onto the next one. Once again this one fitted perfectly. I loved the lace around the top I posted this photo on Facebook and it generated a lot of likes and comments and even brides wanting to buy this one for their bridesmaids just from this photo!

The famous Facebook Photo!

I think the colour of the blue suited me best, and even though it was a strapless dress it did not feel as though I would have to keep pulling it up like I have seen other brides and bridesmaids. The quality was excellent.

Kerry tried on 2 bridesmaid dresses and a bridal gown, which all fitted her too.

Little Abigail came along just for a look but Sally had two dresses there ready for her to try on. Abigail could not control her excitement. Once again both dresses fit and little Abigail could not wait to tell her friends at school that she was now a model!

Beautiful little Abigail and her mum Kerry

With the first 3 dresses tried on and a few selfies taken, it was a quick visit at Gown Bridal. Now I need to practice walking in heels!

Determined not to tumble down the catwalk I needed to pick some good footwear. I went for my light pink wedges. Perfect! Being only 5ft 4” and in un-altered dresses which were a little too long for me, I had to make sure I would not trip over.

Being the first to arrive at Samlesbury Hall Wedding Fair meant I was the first to have my makeup done by the lovely Diana and hair created by Kelly. Feeling like a princess I was ready to go!

Make Up Artist Diana
Hair Stylist Kelly

Kerry and her daughter Abigail arrived and were glammed up just like the other girls. With everyone looking beautiful, we then had a quick run through how to walk down the catwalk. Looking at an empty room with rows of chairs, wondering just how busy it may get. *Spoiler* it got really busy! Chairs were filled and people were crammed in like sardines standing to attention at the edge of the room.

So many people!!! So many eyes staring at me as I came through the door onto the catwalk. Yes it was a little bit nerve wracking. A wave of nerves came over me and then I saw the crowds’ faces. Lots of smiley faces like a sea of happy minions – though not yellow, except that one lady with a fake tan. I could see everyone was there to have a good time and to just enjoy looking at all the pretty dresses. Who wouldn’t!?

Luckily for me all my dresses were quick and easy to put on and off with only a little help needed to zip them up. Surprisingly it all went amazingly smoothly and all the dresses were changed on time.

Bridal Shop owner Sally organising the models backstage
Kerry Baker Make Up Artist and Gown Bridal Model!

Then walking down the catwalk I felt very glamorous and really enjoyed posing every now and then. You never really know what it’s like for famous people but I guess this is pretty close for an average lady.

Me! (Sarah Scott Owner of Enchanted Wedding - Venue Styling)
The team!

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