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I arrived at a beautiful home in Great Harwood, not far from Blackburn, Lancashire. In the large front garden to the left is the dance studio. Here I met Leana who is a professional wedding dance choreographer and teacher. The studio looks a little bit like a wooden chalet from the outside. Walking up the wooden steps to Leana’s studio I was greeted by a totally different feel inside. The space was brightly coloured in white, green and hot pink. The studio felt intimate and prefect for anyone feeling a little nervous about learning to dance. So there would be no prying eyes watching. The perfect space to get close to you partner and feel the love and passion without feeling silly and wondering… “why am I doing this!?”. Also, no one would ever know you were going for dance lessons if you want to keep it a surprise to your guests.

So… your engaged and organising your wedding. The last thing on your list (probably because it’s the last part of your wedding) is the dance! The dance! You didn’t even think about the dance did you! What song? How are we going to dance!? You haven’t learnt the dance or even swayed together for ages! Ah! This goes through a lot of bride and grooms minds. This blog is about to solve all your dancing worries. Just give Leana a call!

To learn a full dance Leana suggests 6 weeks before the wedding day. So not too long before the wedding. With just one hour a week. What’s that? But you cant dance? You have never had any dancing lessons before? Don’t worry, anyone can learn. It can just be how to sway, where to hold each other, or maybe do a little twirl. It doesn’t have to be extravagant. Speaking of extravagant… another tip Leana has is to be realistic. Although doing the infamous Dirty Dancing lift would be amazing, this is a huge dance move to do even for professionals!

You may not want to learn a full dance, you might want everyone else to join in half way through. Make sure the DJ know this. Do you want to start on the dance floor ready for the music? Or do you want to be introduced to the dance floor? There are more things then you may think about your first dance.

Before arriving at your first lesson with Leana make sure you have made a decision on your song and what kind of style you want to go for. There are many types of dancing out there. Maybe have a look on Youtube for inspiration!

Here are Leana’s 5 top tips to creating for your dream wedding dance…

  1. Firstly and most importantly decide if this is something you would like to do as a couple.  As a wedding dance choreographer and teacher I have seen a lot of couples over the years.  Some rushing around trying to squeeze the lessons in, others absolutely embracing the role and practicing at home.  Everyone is different and not everyone likes to be the centre of attention, however on your wedding day this is going to be a tough one to avoid so just embrace it and go for it.


  1. Decide on a song.  You may already have your song down or really struggle to find something.  For my wedding we had two options mine was Your Song from Moulin Rouge and my hubby’s was Rule the world by Take That.  They both mean a lot to us but what swung our decision was when our wedding entertainer Alex Birtwell said he had an acoustic version that he could play at the wedding of Rule the world.  Once we had listened to this that was our decision made.  If you are struggling to find a song have a look at your favourite movies and their soundtracks.


  1. Know what your dance floor will be like.  Wooden dance floor, carpet, light up dance floor and what space will you have.  Don’t forget your wedding guests will be gathered around the floor watching you so this reduces the amount of space you will have.


  1. Practice in your shoes or like me just kick them off.  I wore really high Jimmy Choos and knew I would be much more comfortable in my bare feet twirling around the dance floor. Brides take into account the heel height and the sole of the shoe, is it slippy and Grooms look at the sole of your shoes too.  Practicing in your shoes will also help wear them in for your big day.


  1. Decide on a style of dance.  Will it be slow and dreamy like a waltz or fast and bouncy like a jive or something quirky and fun.  In the past I have choreographed to Venga Boys and Thriller so nothing is out of the equation.  Just be you.


So there you have it. 5 of Leana’s top tips and an introduction to Leana and her studio. If you want to book Leana then here are her details below…




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