The First 5 Steps to Planning Your Wedding

The First 5 Steps to Planning Your Wedding


Welcome to the first edition of our wedding blog, where we will hopefully give you useful wedding planning advice. This edition we are going to give you a quick guide to the first 5 steps of planning a wedding. So let's get started on getting started.


  1. Decide on a...

 It's very easy to get carried away and start searching for wedding ideas, but this part needs to be done first! This can be very tough, especially if other family members will be helping you to pay for your big day. But this part is really important and really does need to be discussed first. Sit down with your parents, family members, or just the two of you, figure out who is contributing, how much they can contribute, and what your total budget will be.


  1. Create a....

Knowing your maximum guest count early is crucial. This can be quite tough at first, but trust me it gets easier! Especially when you have to pay for every guest to be there. The more people you have, the more you have to spend (this is why you have to consider your budget first). When you have lots more things to pay out for and you really want that dress that is a little bit more then you budgeted for, then its going to be really easy to cut people you haven’t talked to in forever from the guest list!


  1. Check your... 

Some of my favourite venues book up fast and are fully booked two years in advance. Peak times such as Summer will book up before you know it. It will be easier to book a date in off peak season - Jan, Feb and March. These dates are usually cheaper too. To be safe choose 3 possible dates in case your first choice is not available to have your wedding. Think about the time of year you prefer and what the weather will most likely be like at that time.


  1. Take a Look at... 

The first three steps you can do all at once. Then comes the fun part! You can start researching and visiting venues. Once you are there visiting your venue find out the price then ask them if your dates are available. Have a look at the extra costs that you may not have thought about, such as how much they charge for additional guests. Draw up a ‘must have’ checklist so you can ask the venue if those things are included in the price or extra. If you are thinking of hiring a marquee or tee pee then research companies that do this and venues that will accommodate this. Also research caterers and you may also need to hire a bar. Once you have your venue booked (meaning deposit paid and paperwork signed), your date is secured - and you my friend, are well on your way to getting MARRIED!


  1. Create an...

There are lots of companies you will need to communicate with and finding all those emails in the same place can be very helpful! This also means you can share the email address with your other half to help decide on things and make communication easy. It's a good idea to sign up to mailing lists as you may get offers or news about wedding suppliers.


So there you have it - the first five steps to planning a wedding. I have put together an Enchanted Wedding Ultimate Check List to help you. If you would like to download the printable PDF then click on this link... ultimate-check-list

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