Enchanted Wedding at Stonyhurst College Wedding Fair hosted by Little White Books

6am on a Sunday morning!!! 6am! I must be mad! But I absolutely love this job and it definitely beats working in an office.

So the van was half packed the night before and then the rest at 6am Sunday morning. Luckily for us being based in Longridge we are literally just 5 minutes away from Stonyhurst College. 2 hours of setting up (this place has the longest hallways ever!) and a little time to have our lunch before Little White Books opened the doors to the flood of brides with their families, friends and grooms.

Today we decided to set up our stand with an enchanted woodland theme with some log slices to give it a rustic touch. This went down really well with many brides and grooms who were also after this theme.

With two bridal catwalks there was plenty to see and a café for when you need to give your throbbing feet a rest and a second wonder around.

Because we are in the wedding business it is great to be able to talk to couples about their day. To find out what they have planned so far, where they are getting married and to offer a little advice about the next steps and what order they should be in.

Our Ultimate Wedding Check List was greatly appreciated by you all and we quickly ran out! If you need this checklist then it can be downloaded here.

If you did not get one of our price lists at the event then you can find it on our website here. Unlike most wedding décor companies we are very transparent with our prices. Our packages and prices are clear to see on our website. If you need something a little different to our packages we can provide this, but our packages give you an indication of our prices so that you are not walking into the booking process money blind. We know your wedding budget is not a bottomless pit and the first thing you need to know is the price.

Weddings Fairs are definitely the most exhausting part of this job. Usually we can set up and then go home. With fairs we set up and then stand up all day chatting until our voices crack and our throats dry. And then have to pack everything away straight after. But like I said before I love it. Its great to see so many excited couples, excitement can be an infectious thing. Trust me.

Thanks to you all for visiting us, and congratulations on your engagement! See you soon when you have your free consultation with us.

The winner of our little competition the win the Tienne Bracelet is: Lola Ukandu

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