Breaking Away From Tradition

Recently there has been a new wave of couples wanting to break away from traditional weddings. Here at Enchanted Wedding we can certainly create a wedding which is unique to any other wedding, with decorations that will make your special day memorable for years to come. We also have a few other suppliers up our sleeves who can also help you break away from the norm…


Couples want to show their personalities

Many couples are looking to make their wedding more personal to them and incorporate their hobbies and interesting into their big day. Below is one of 6 centrepieces we created for Louise and Michael’s wedding. Coming from a faming background this was incredibly important to incorporate this into their wedding.



Breaking away from tradition can be hinted to your guests from the very beginning. Your theme and style can be in your invitations.  Weather it’s you and your partner drawn in a cartoon style wearing super hero costumes on the front of your invitation, or maybe a festival ticket style invitation for your tipi outdoor festival wedding.  Here is a Star Wars themed invitation created by the very talented Hertas Creative

Hertas Creative

Its all in the detail

The theme can be incorporated into everything, even the button holes.  Maddison Rocks Floral Sculpture  can add little lego men into your button holes to carry on the super hero theme if thats the theme you are going for.  Check her out so see what other beautiful button holes she can create to suit your wedding.  She also creates beautiful bespoke bouquets to match your theme.  The great thing about her creating these unique bouquets is that they can be kept as a keepsake after the wedding day.

Maddison Rocks

Décor to wow your guests

With so many couples now wanting their special day to stand out from all the others and look for ways to wow their guests, its finding something that no other wedding has done. One way we here at Enchanted Wedding have helped couples with this is to create bespoke centrepieces. These centrepieces can be totally tailored to any wedding theme, whether that’s Harry Potter, Star Wars, Alice in Wonderland or centrepieces to incorporate hobbies, interests and even incorporate family members.


Included your hobbies, interests and special family members

Kerry and Adam who married at Bashall Barn asked us to create centrepieces that would tell the tale of their engagement and for the other centrepieces to represent their close family members.

Kate and Ben who married at Ribby Hall ask for centrepieces that incorporated their hobbies and places they visited. Ben really loves to do archery in his spare time so in one centrepieces there was a little hint to his hobby with a wooden arch. Another had a forest with a Wolf and a nod to Canada – their favourite place.


An alternative wedding

Alternative couples who really want a theme and not just a colour scheme have asked Enchanted Wedding to create a number of centerpieces to include their themes. Some include…


Star Wars


Game of Thrones


Alice in Wonderland


Spongebob Squarepants






Beauty and the Beast


Weddings can be what ever you want them to be, and as quirky as you like. We would encourage you to explore you and your partners interests and see how you could make your big day something that your guest will talk about for years to come.

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