Bespoke Wedding Styling

Where we differ than other wedding styling is that we create completely original table centrepieces. These are customised for any theme or colour scheme, therefore making your wedding reception truly memorable.

We are a very creative team and we absolutely thrive when given something different and unique to work towards. In fact our gallery shows that there's no challenge we won't undertake. First and foremost we can say with 100% confidence that you will never see wedding décor and centrepieces like ours anywhere else in the UK.

Our Promise To You

At Enchanted Wedding we believe that your wedding styling should be unique and above all - memorable. We pride ourselves on taking the time to sit with you and discover what you hope your wedding will look like. For this reason we can provide exactly what you expect and help give you the wedding you have dreamed of.

From here on our promise to you is this - We will care about your wedding styling as much as you do.

Wedding Styling
Beautiful large rustic wooden love letters with front facing light bulbs

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We are happy to hear from you and will reply to any questions you have about making your wedding perfect.  Request a quote...